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Poly Aluminum Chloride
Calcium Chloride
Ammonium Chloride

Poly Aluminum Chloride produced at Sulaksh Chemicals is appreciated by the clients for high quality standards just beacause of we produce it using quality chemicals as raw material that. Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) products are aluminium-based coagulants. They are similar to alum, with several important differences:

1. Partially pre-neutralised (Higher basicity than alum).
2. Contain Cl instead of SO4.
3. Contain up to 3 times the aluminium content.

Poly Aluminum Chloride: Introduction

Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution describes a series of products ranging in the degree of acid neutralization, polymerization and Al2O3 concentration. Poly Aluminum Chloride acid is neutralized in the manufacturing process, the aluminum part of the product becomes more polymerized, ensuing in higher cationic charge and improved performance capabilities. Basicity is the unit for measuring the degree of acid neutralization. Basicity can varied from 0% (aluminum chloride solution) to 83% (aluminum chlorohydrate solution). Typically available Poly Aluminum Chloride solution products have basicities ranging from 10-70%.

Poly Aluminum Chloride: Industrial Applications

The Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution product is available in a broad range of formulations that have unique performance characteristics over other conventional products like alum, aluminum chloride, ferric chloride, ferric sulfate, etc. The applications where Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution is often the product of choice are:

  • Water Treatment
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution is often used as the primary coagulant in potable water and industrial water treatment plants, interchanging the need for other coagulants such as alum, and in many cases also terminating or reducing the requirement for pH adjustment chemicals, coagulant aids and filter aids. Poly Aluminum Chloride is used to:
    • Improved turbidity removal.
    • Improved color removal.
    • Increased TOC (Total Organic Carbon) removal.
    • Lower filter turbidities.
    • Increased filter run length.
    • Sludge reduction of 25-75%.
    • Simplified operations by eliminating pH and secondary polyelectrolyte feed.
    • Lower overall treatment costs.

  • Pulp and Paper - On Machine
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution is also engaged extensively in several on machine applications as a:
    • Size bonding agent.
    • Anionic trash scavenger.
    • Retention and drainage aid.
    • Pitch and stickies control additive.

Poly Aluminum Chloride: Grades Available

At Sulaksh Chemicals Poly Aluminum Chloride is available in four different grades as following details.

Grades Available
PAC 10% Liquid
PAC 12% Liquid
PAC 14% Liquid
PAC 16% Liquid
PAC 30% Powder

Poly Aluminum Chloride: Handling and Storage

Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution storage tanks and piping should be made of materials recommended for corrosive products. FRP, PVC, HDPE and/or rubber are the materials of choice for piping and storage tanks. Metering pumps and other equipment that comes in touch with concentrated solutions of Poly Aluminum Chloride must also be made of acid resistant materials such as PVC, rubber, Teflon, ceramic and Hastolly C. No wetted parts should contain any metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or aluminum.

Poly Aluminum Chloride: Safety & Environment

Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution is a corrosive mineral acid that has the following ratings:

  • Health Rating: 2-Moderate
  • Flammability Rating: 0-None
  • Reactivity Rating: 1-Slight
  • Contact Rating: 2-Moderate
  • Protective Equipment: Goggles, Long Sleeves and Gloves
Thoroughly read and understand the information presented in the Material Safety Data Sheet before using Poly Aluminum Chloride Solution in laboratory, pilot plant and/or full plant applications.

Click here to download full MSDS for Poly Aluminum Chloride.


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